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Price: $0.50

Publisher: The Wright Group 1990: January 1990

Seller ID: 49542

ISBN: 1559111518

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for The One Year Bible NIV

The One Year Bible NIV

By: Tyndale House Publishers

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.: November 1986

Seller ID: 108419

ISBN: 0842324518

Condition: Used - Good

The best-selling "One Year Bible, " which helps you read the entire Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day, has been updated in a new look and comes in both portable compact size and full size. "The One Year Bible "divides God's Word into daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, creating an achievable, unforgettable devotional experience. View more info


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Price: $5.00

Publisher: Publications International: January 2000

Seller ID: 111925

ISBN: 0785343369

Condition: Used - Good

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Old English Homily and Its Background

By: Szarmach, Paul E.

Price: $12.25

Publisher: SUNY Press: June 1978

Seller ID: 116131

ISBN: 0873953762

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Beneath the Skin: Book Three of The Maker's Song

Beneath the Skin: Book Three of The Maker's Song

By: Adrian Phoenix

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Pocket: December 2009

Seller ID: 18437

ISBN: 1439137293

Condition: Used - Good

CHAOS CONTROLS HIS FUTURE. ONE MORTAL WOMAN COULD BE HIS SALVATION. THE COUNTDOWN TO ANNIHILATION WILL BEGIN WITH DANTE'S CHOICE.... " THE FATE OF THREE WORLDS... " The dark pieces of vampire rock star Dante Baptiste's past are violently emerging, and it is only a matter of time before the Fallen discover he is the "creawdwr" they have sought for thousands of years. The destruction he left behind in Oregon threatens to reveal his identity as Fallen Maker and True Blood, exposing the young nightkind to shadowy predators -- mortal "and" supernatural -- who will do whatever it takes to ... View more info

Image for What Every Christian Ought to Know: Essential Truths for Growing Your Faith

What Every Christian Ought to Know: Essential Truths for Growing Your Faith

By: Adrian Rogers

Price: $10.00

Publisher: B&H Books: June 2005

Seller ID: 121071

ISBN: 0805426922

Condition: Used - Good

Just as plants need certain essentials to grow--light, water, and fertile soil--so do new Christians--babes in the faith. Without these essentials--the basic truths of the faith--they will never establish strong roots or bear fruit. Adrian Rogers has written a book designed to give new believers the nurture and care their faith needs to blossom and grow. What Every Christian Ought to Know seeks to give intellectual truth, and also to provide the "spiritual nutrients" required to produce mature faith. View more info

Children of Time

By: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Audible Studios on Brilliance Audio: August 2017

Seller ID: 113245

ISBN: 1543625584

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Walk-on: Life from the End of the Bench

Walk-on: Life from the End of the Bench

By: Alan Williams

Price: $9.98

Publisher: New Heights Press: November 2005

Seller ID: 35890

ISBN: 0976729601

Condition: Used - Good

Most people don't know what it's like to hit a game-winning shot or how it feels to be the first player picked at recess. Alan Williams knew nothing about being the star, but a courageous basketball player shows that one can still find success in the midst of failure. Even though Alan's career didn't result in him being a lottery pick in the first round of the NBA draft, Walk-On gives each of us something to cheer about. From the end of the bench, a firsthand view of major college basketball proves that ultimate fulfillment in life is not found in how many points we score, but in having a hope... View more info

Image for Enemy of My Enemy

Enemy of My Enemy

By: Allan Topol

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Onyx: February 2005

Seller ID: 19300

ISBN: 0451411722

Condition: Used - Good

In Syria, a downed American pilot becomes a pawn in a sinister international conspiracy. A brilliant Syrian general has orchestrated a plan to make his country a feared nuclear power, and to unite the entire Middle East against its hated two adversaries: America and Israel. To stop the threat, daring covert agent Jack Cole must convince the alluring, enigmatic Layla Gemayel to help him infiltrate the terrorist plot before the region is engulfed in chaos-and the free world falls to the mercy of a madman. View more info

Image for Slightly Shady

Slightly Shady

By: Amanda Quick

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Bantam: March 2002

Seller ID: 16790

ISBN: 0553583360

Condition: Used - Good

Amanda Quick's trademark is a bestselling combination of suspense, passion, and sparkling wit in historical tales alight with intrigue. Now she serves up the most tantalizing novel of her career as an enterprising woman allies herself with a mysterious spy, only to be caught up in a torrid brew of treachery- and temptation.... SLIGHTLY SHADY From the moment the stranger burst into her antiquities shop in Rome, Lavinia Lake knew he was nothing but trouble. He said he was in pursuit of a killer. He swore he was only trying to save her. Yet Lavinia was convinced that Mr. Tobias March was ... View more info

Image for Highland Secrets (Zebra Historical Romance)

Highland Secrets (Zebra Historical Romance)

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Zebra Books: October 1997

Seller ID: 17663

ISBN: 0821757598

Condition: Used - Good

In celebration of this month's spellbinding new sequel, Highland Treasure, Zebra is proud to reissue Amanda Scott's original bestseller, set in the Scottish highlands in 1752. View more info

Image for Prince of Danger (Warner Forever)

Prince of Danger (Warner Forever)

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $10.75

Publisher: Forever: November 2005

Seller ID: 17726

ISBN: 0446616680

Condition: Used - Good

This historical romance by the "USA Today" bestselling author Amanda Scott continues the medieval-Scotland saga began in "Lord of the Isles" and introduces a new Macleod sister. When a dashing Scottish nobleman meets an impetuous beauty under treacherous circumstances, they discover something more irresistible than the fabled Templar treasure that they seek....To Lady Isobel Macleod, marriage is a prison and husbands irritating encumbrances. Her domineering father and ferocious brother-in-law have proven as much to her. But when she comes upon Sir Michael St. Clair, master of Rosslyn Castle, b... View more info

Image for Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Pinnacle: June 1996

Seller ID: 17757

ISBN: 0786002700

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Border Fire

Border Fire


Price: $3.00

Publisher: Kensington Books: April 2000

Seller ID: 17830

ISBN: 0821765868

Condition: Used - Good

Award-winning (RWA's Golden Medallion and Romantic Times' Career Achievement) and nationally bestselling author Amanda Scott is beloved by readers everywhere for her emotionally compelling and skillful storytelling, as well as her "passionate characters and lush historical detail" (Rendezvous). Now, in "Border Fire", she launches a new trilogy that transports readers to tumultuous 16th-century Scotland, where the leader of the country's most notorious band of reivers has met his match in a headstrong English beauty.Bold and brazen Rabbie Redcloak was known all along the Scottish-English bor... View more info

Image for Border Moonlight

Border Moonlight

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Forever: January 2009

Seller ID: 17835

ISBN: 0446541354

Condition: Used - Good

Lady Sibylla Cavers is ripe for marriage, yet she's rejected the first three suitors her father brought. When one of these suitors, the dashing Lord Simon Murray, rescues both Lady Sibylla and the small child she was trying to pull from the churning River Tweed, Sibylla begins to see Lord Simon in a new light. As he cares for her and the child until both are recovered from their near-deaths, she finds admirable - even lovable - qualities in Lord Simon. But political intrigue surrounding the powerful governor of Scotland will throw obstacles in the path if Simon's and Sibylla's budding love. Si... View more info

Image for Lord of the Isles

Lord of the Isles

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $3.25

Publisher: Forever: May 2005

Seller ID: 17837

ISBN: 0446614610

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Reiver's Bride (Secret Clan)

Reiver's Bride (Secret Clan)

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Forever: August 2003

Seller ID: 17838

ISBN: 0446612677

Condition: Used - Good

ABDUCTED HEIRESS is Volume One in this quartet-series. Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe, was the wealthiest lass in Scotland-or she would be if anyone could find her fortune. Her father had hidden the fabulous Dunsithe treasure, only to pass away before he could reveal his secret...and before Molly and her sister were spirited away and separated, perhaps forever. Now, on the misty island where she's kept captive, Molly longs for a hero brave enough to rescue her.Sir Finlay Mackenzie-known as Wild Fin-is a hot-tempered warrior who has been granted possession of the Maid of Dunsithe. Armed... View more info

Image for Highland Master (Scottish Knights)

Highland Master (Scottish Knights)

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Forever: February 2011

Seller ID: 17843

ISBN: 0446574317

Condition: Used - Good

When eighteen-year-old Lady Catriona Mackintosh discovers a wounded man in the forest near her Highland home, little does she know that he has sworn a sacred oath to kill her father and other members of the powerful Highland confederation known as Clan Chattan. Nor does she realize that she has met her soul mate. Independent, competent, intelligent, fiercely proud of her heritage, determined always to live near her own family, and known to her family as the "wee wildcat" because of her quick temper, Catriona is the daughter of a Highland chieftain and granddaughter of the even more powerful Ch... View more info

Image for Tempted by a Warrior

Tempted by a Warrior

By: Amanda Scott

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Forever: July 2010

Seller ID: 17848

ISBN: 0446561320

Condition: Used - Good

Lady Fiona, wed in haste, has never known marital peace. When last she'd seen her cruel husband Will, he'd struck her - and she has no memory of what she did next - only that she woke later alone in her bedchamber. Will has gone missing, and Fiona fears that in her rage and terror she might somehow have killed him. When her husband's cousin Sir Richard comes to search for Will, Fiona is touched by his warm nature. A knight and warrior, Richard is drawn to Fiona's brave manner, quickly seeing in her an equal measure of inner courage. Confessing that she fears having killed Will, Fiona accepts R... View more info

Image for Serpent's Storm (A Calliope Reaper-Jones Novel)

Serpent's Storm (A Calliope Reaper-Jones Novel)

By: Amber Benson

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Ace: February 2011

Seller ID: 15093

ISBN: 0441020097

Condition: Used - Good

Calliope just wants to make it big in the Big Apple like any other working girl. But Callie is also Death's Daughter, no matter how much she tries to stay out of the family business. And now her older sister has made a deal with the Devil himself to engage in a hostile takeover of both Death Inc. and Heaven-once they get Callie out of the way. View more info

Final Harvest : An American Tragedy

By: Andrew H. Malcolm

Price: $8.98

Publisher: Crown: March 1986

Seller ID: 116836

ISBN: 081291242x

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Irish Love (Nuala Anne McGrail Novels)

Irish Love (Nuala Anne McGrail Novels)

By: Andrew M. Greeley

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Tor Books: March 2002

Seller ID: 62129

ISBN: 0812576063

Condition: Used - Good

Continuing the enchanting chronicles of the fabulous Nuala Anne McGrail and her spear-carrying husband Dermot, bestselling author Andrew M. Greeley takes them once again to Ireland for another thrill-packed adventure. Back on the Emerald Isle, Nuala and Dermot soon get the feeling that someone is out to get them. They find themselves dodging multiple explosions, and someone starts shooting at Nuala while she is water-skiing in the cold Atlantic. Meanwhile, the handsome parish priest, Father Jack, has given Dermot the diary of a young Chicago newspaperman. Written in the year 1882, the diar... View more info

Image for Home for Christmas: A Novel

Home for Christmas: A Novel

By: Andrew M. Greeley

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Forge Books: October 2009

Seller ID: 121594

ISBN: 0765322501

Condition: Used - Good

Petey Pat Kane and Mariana Pia Pelligrino have been in love with each other their whole lives. But on a night that is supposed to be one of the best of their lives, Peter makes a choice that forces him to leave Chicago--and Mariana--behind. Guilt leads him into the Army, where he becomes Captain Kane, war hero. But nothing can make him forget his love for Mariana. On his third deployment in Iraq, Peter is injured and finds himself both alive and dead on a wondrous spiritual journey where he is given a second chance at life from God Himself. With Christmas approaching, time is running ou... View more info

Image for The Tomb of Hercules: A Novel

The Tomb of Hercules: A Novel

By: Andy McDermott

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Bantam: October 2009

Seller ID: 18514

ISBN: 0553592947

Condition: Used - Good

AN ANCIENT WARRIOR.AN INCREDIBLE TREASURE.A LETHAL ENEMY. It's the opportunity of a lifetime-the chance to prove that a tomb containing the remains of the legendary hero Hercules actually exists. If American archaeologist Nina Wilde can locate it, it will be the most important historical find ever unearthed. But as Nina and her ex-SAS bodyguard, Eddie Chase, begin their search, it's clear that others want to find the tomb-and the unimaginable riches within-and will do anything to get there first. Who will find the tomb of Hercules first, and what fantastic treasure does it hold... View more info

Image for The Sacred Vault: A Novel

The Sacred Vault: A Novel

By: Andy McDermott

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Bantam Books: March 2011

Seller ID: 18788

ISBN: 0553593641

Condition: Used - Good

A DARING HEIST. A PRICELESS ARTIFACT. A SECRET LOCKED SAFELY AWAY--UNTIL NOW. When Michelangelo's "David" is stolen from its museum in Florence, it's only the latest in a series of audacious raids on the world's greatest treasures. But American archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex-mercenary Eddie Chase, discover the raiders' ultimate target when the Talonor Codex--a cryptic travel journal that Nina found in Atlantis--is snatched from a well-guarded exhibition right in front of their eyes. The codex holds clues to the location of the Vault of Shiva and its mythical cont... View more info

Image for A Marriage in Middlebury

A Marriage in Middlebury

By: Anita Higman

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Abingdon Press: November 2013

Seller ID: 96307

ISBN: 1426733879

Condition: Used - Good

Charlotte Rose Hill has been serving up country delicacies, uniquely blended teas, and matchmaking advice for her quirky but beloved customers for more than 10 years. But for her, marriage seems like an elusive butterfly, always out of reach. At 18, Charlotte fell in love with a young man, Sam Wilder, but his family convinced her to walk away from their relationship. She did, and then became engaged to another man, who later died before they were married. Now, more than a decade later, Charlotte finds that she still has feelings for her first love. Initially thrilled to learn that Sam has come... View more info

Image for Fortune's Rocks: A Novel

Fortune's Rocks: A Novel

By: Anita Shreve

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company: November 2002

Seller ID: 17814

ISBN: 0316734837

Condition: Used - Good

Everywhere hailed for its emotional intensity and unflagging narrative momentum, this magnificent novel transports us to the turn of the twentieth century, to the world of a prominent Boston family summering on the New Hampshire coast, and to the social orbit of a spirited young woman who falls into a passionate, illicit affair with an older man, with cataclysmic results. View more info

Image for For the Earl's Pleasure

For the Earl's Pleasure

By: Anne Mallory

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Avon: July 2009

Seller ID: 18581

ISBN: 0061579149

Condition: Used - Good

Beneath every scornful smile . . . They were once cherished childhood companions, until a scandalous secret tore them apart. Now Valerian Rainewood and Abigail Smart are the fiercest of enemies. To Abigail, Rainewood is a notorious rake, hell-bent on mischief and not fit for polite society. So what if it seems as if he can seduce her with nothing but his eyes? She will not succumb. But when the earl is viciously attacked, Abigail's distress tells her that something still binds her to the wild Rainewood.Lies an unquenchable desire . . . Though the ton believes there is nothing betwe... View more info

Image for The Bride Price (Avon Romance)

The Bride Price (Avon Romance)

By: Anne Mallory

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Avon: November 2008

Seller ID: 18774

ISBN: 0061579130

Condition: Used - Good

Winner take all . . . Sebastien Deville, the debauched, dangerously handsome illegitimate son of the Duke of Grandien, has waited his whole life for revenge--and suddenly it is there for the taking. A competition sponsored by the ing has all the ton talking. The winner will receive an immense fortune, a newly created title, sponsorship, and a well-born bride--everything Sebastien needs to reclaim his mother's stolen lands and to wield the colossal power itching beneath his fingertips. His victory is all but assured . . . until he meets Caroline.Caroline Martin knows all about Sebastie... View more info

Image for Seven Secrets of Seduction

Seven Secrets of Seduction

By: Anne Mallory

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Avon: June 2010

Seller ID: 18794

ISBN: 0061579157

Condition: Used - Good

Scandalous and provocative, The Seven Secrets of Seduction is an intoxicating insight into the mind of men and the desires of women--and the book has all the ton talking.Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook . . .Well-educated, but not part of society, Miranda Chase is just as captivated by the erotic pages as everyone else in London. Intrigued by the layers she sees beneath the book's surface, she writes an editorial about it, never realizing that her passionate words will draw an actual viscount to her uncle's bookshop. Maximilian, Viscount Downing, has very p... View more info